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Our experience forged for many years in real estate allows us to deal with all situations. Our success allows us today to envisage a continuous growth of our investments. For nearly 22 years, we have renovated or built more than 500 homes and businesses (mixed properties) with the main objective of offering healthy and affordable housing. Whether on our own account or in partnership, we bring our projects to completion, always with respect and taking into account the interests of all parties involved. Our team, based in Lausanne and in various French and German-speaking cantons, with a staff of about thirty qualified employees, masters all areas of real estate. When you come to us, you put all the assets on your side!


The activities of the ARDAM SA Group began in 1999 with various companies importing and marketing textile and real estate goods and the companies were merged in 2010 into the ARDAM SA Group.

The company is developing remarkably and the profits generated were used for the purchase of the first building at the beginning of 2004.

Since then, the ARDAM SA group has been investing the profits from these activities in the purchase of new buildings and carrying out major renovation and upgrading work. Thus, the capital gain yield of the rental statements allows the resale with a comfortable profit margin.

At present, the ARDAM SA Group has more than 500 owner-occupied commercial and residential rental properties in the main cities of French and German-speaking Switzerland. Optimization and development are the main focus of the distribution of our properties.

General Information

ARDAM SA is a limited company that got registered in the year 2010 in Lausanne Switzerland. It conducts all kinds of real estate operations as well as importation and exportation operations relating to the purchasing, production, exchange and administration of the manufacturing products.

The capital belonging to the company amounts to 2’100’000.00 Swisss Franc (CHF). Mr. Kemal Korpe holding an experience of 19 years in the immovable property sector as the owner and administrator of many companies, is the sole administrator of the company.

Furthermore, ARDAM SA is the owner of many buildings and projects in France as in Switzerland.


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Our Services

We are making an effort altogether so as to make an investment with success through dialogue as well as to improve an achieving and fully reliable investment strategy with the field of the immovable property. Upon description of your needs and interests once, we are directing you towards the best investment facilities so as to attain the most favorable efficiency with assessment of the relevant risks.

Protection for the future

If your first priority is security, you do not wish to assume needless risks, is after a peaceful future and is aiming to attain an access to your money.

Smart improvement

If you wish to bring your income to completion and then to attain accumulation of capital by way of balancing the opportunities with risk in order to obtain the best possible efficiency

Planning aiming at targets

If you are focused on personal savings targets, you are continuing step by step to attain this and nevertheless are fond of financial elasticity and at all times aiming an access to your money

Simple Solutions

We advise that you lean on our experience in the fields of real estate, investment and construction.

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